HVAC Furnace and air conditioning repair;
Buddys Fuel, Oxford CT 203-888-2319
Recommended by Barbara Richards

Electrical contractors;
Sloss Electric, 41 Lancaster Drive
Beacon Falls CT 203-723-8080

Balko's Service Station
156 South Main Street (Route 115)
Seymour, CT (203)888-6787
no gas, only repairs
From Carol Sullivan; Family-owned business (probably 50 years). Pete Balko currently runs the business and Joe, their chief mechanic, has been with them for years. As you can see by driving by their station, they are always busy, but if they can't handle a job at any given time, they will say so. Very honest, dependable and experienced. Will never promise a job will be done by a certain day, then hold your car hostage for two weeks. Family is well known in Seymour. Both my sons and I, as well as Virginia Cohn and Sandi Swan, use them and love them.

Chucta well and pump service in Seymour for booster pump service or replacement
203-736-0202 and for emergencies 203-996-6708 (Steve Chucta)They have worked with several owners here.

Electrician – Tri City Electric (Kenny Kalita) 203-753-5029
CM Property Management has used them in the past.

Plumber – Little B Plumbing (Brian Smail) 203-879-5953
CM Property Management has used them in the past.
Van Etten Plumbing & Heating (Rich Van Etten) 203-734-4259
Gregg Wright has used this contractor for years and recommends him.

Interior Sheetrock/Painting – (Jim Paulella) 203-910-7351
CM Property Management has used them in the past.